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Tree - We Grown Now

Tree finally returns with his newest gift to the world "We Grown Now."  Thirteen SoulTrap creations that tell a story that all Tree fans should be familiar with, but it gets much deeper. From the jump "Where U R" takes us through various personal stories soulfully bound together, setting the stage for every harmonious truth that follows. Next up, "All I'll Ever Be" has its moment like the hook where MCTreeG harmonizes "I'm just a project nigga, that's all I'll ever be". "Like U Used 2" is the grown man anthem for every one of us that had that one woman that got away. "No Lies' uncovers many truths that even I being a huge fan didn't know, the best being in the end "Epic did sign Bobby Schmurda over me" as he goes through a list of pain staking truths that undoubtedly make him a better person today. "Flights" may be my least favorite of all the songs on the project but it's still cold, With boast of "Was the man back in high school, since high school I stayed on top!" He rebounds for what to me was the crown jewel of this project. Tree gifted me with an early copy of this project and since I am now an "Old head" I burned it to a CD and put it in the car. "The Meek" brought tears to my eyes. Tree once said "I was just a G man who knew when I'd get older, take rap, make older niggaz like rap over" he never lied. In era where we are now over saturated with releases and music has seemingly become disposable with the exceptions of very few artist, Tree's return sparked my love for rap again. He continues on with "Runaway Girl" a story so smooth and soulful about a Woman in the fast lane and Tree opens up his toolbox and displays his jack of all trades flow on this one. "Letter to my Ex" shows a maturity and masculinity all men should exhibit, enjoy the moments.
He then takes us back to church with "Thank God" where he explains many situations he and his family persevered through that solidify his belief in the man above. "Letter to my Sons" is to me the remix to "Letter to Mason" and he hits us with a visual to complete this absolutely beautiful track about fatherhood and doing whatever it takes to make sure his seeds are good. "Backflip" is an ode to a ghetto past time, flipping. I don't know what kids do now, but growing up it was always some cold ass flippers in the hood and they had all kinds of ways to measure just how cold they were. "Newports Shorts in a Box" are stories about handling fame and remaining true to self. Tree brings us to the end with a "Letter to Project Mayhem" complete with tales of certain members not wanting him to go solo and why he should be even paying them for the success he has achieved. All in all Tree did not disappoint with this project at all but only time will tell whether this project will stand the test of time as his earlier catalog has. 



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