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Official - Dickpleaser Freestyle [Unofficial Video]

H$M's own Official sent this through. It's only a minute, give fam a second of your time and you can see why we vouch for this dude. Do Not Sleep on Official or H$M!

Sincerely Yours - "Sincerely Yours" {Album}

Sincerely Yours links with for his latest street album, named after him. 12 original tracks with some of Chicago's hottest up and comers. You might not want to sleep on this one!

Chase N Dough - Polo Alert!! (DIR. by Seuss Leroy)

Chase N Dough putting niggaz on Polo Alert (No USPA)!

Chicago Cubs Epic End of Season {Video}

As a Cubs fan I've been disgusted by the teams play the last few seasons. This is true and above all entertaining. S/O for this dose of reality.

Kanye West Classic Before The Wire!

Interview Before He Flipped His BMW! DJ Whoo Kid Exclusive!

50 Cent - Many Men

T.I. - Be Easy

Throwback TIP

Currensy - Ways To Kill Em

"Ways to Kill Em"
Verde Terrace
Jets International

Produced by Dope Ent

Directors: McCain Merren and Tariq Cherif

Edited By: McCain Merren

Camera: McCain Merren and Tariq Cherif

The Boy Illinois Spits An Exclusive Freestyle for Thisis50

The Boy Illinois on his way... No TM103. #Salute

Chris Rene - Young Homie

THE 2ND LIFE - Ep 01 - "Rashid Hadee in LA (Part 2)"

Close friends of Hadee know his comedic sense of humor but those who enjoy his music rarely or never get to see that side of him and The 2nd Life will allow supporters of his music to enjoy a little bit of both. Although he takes his craft very serious, he takes himself very light and we believe you’ll enjoy getting to know this workaholic through his new webisode The 2nd Life….stay tuned in!

Young Giftz ft. Maserati Deeder & YP - Fuck Tha Law

Young Giftz collab with Maserati Deeder and YP for another single off his upcoming "The Lake Effects" project coming soon. These niggaz went in, you might not want to sleep on this one!

Spud - Spaces Between Us

Spud releases his latest project "Space Between Us" and is exactly what he calls it "Feel Good Music". A break from bragging and boasting and a look at his life. He sent a copy early and I wanted to listen to it before I told you all to Check it out. Spud did him on this one, #DontSleep!
Bet They Know Me
Download Here

Wale "No Days Off Vlog" Ohio & Maryland

Wale Feat. Migue l- No Days Off Vlog Ohio & Maryland

Floyd Mayweather Jr documentary

If he is not considered the greatest of all time then the world doesn't know boxing. He has never hit the canvas in his professional career and his grind and work regiment is like no other press play and play attention to how the greatest does it

Rich Laurel & Jae Mezzi - This Is What Its Is [Video] (Dir. DGainz)

Aye just let it play, This shit aight. Another DG film for the masses to enjoy. Rich Laurel and Jae Mezzi link up for "This is What it is" #DontSleep

Words Can Be Powerful "We Made It" Sunni Patterson

Slavery at its peek

Muhammad Ali

Everything Ali said in this interview show how to many people in this world judge a person off there material assets and this was like 20 years ago. In my eye its fuck what type of car you drive what are you bringing to the table.

Rome & Chase N Dough - Brothers of Destruction (Video)

Rome and Chase N Dough link for this quick visual for their single "Brothers of Destruction". Told the world not to sleep on Rome long ago, now he everywhere. S/o Chase N Dough for sending this through!

G.o.D Jewels - ReasonableMatic (Mixtape)

G.o.D. Jewels combines to of the greatest hip-hop albums ever for the title to his latest effort "ReasonableMatic" Sponsored by Check him out!
<a href="">ReasonableMatic by G.o.D. Jewels</a>
Download ReasonableMatic
Check out his visual

This is Jim Jones Documentary - Dipset Break up

Words Can Be Powerful "Monster" Poetri

LEP Bogus Boys ft Mobb Deep - "Gangstaz Only"

LEP Bogus Boys team up with The Infamous Mobb Deep on the certified street anthem - "Gangstaz Only"
LEP fuck with us

Wale-Best Night Ever (Feat Rick Ross Kevin Cossom)

This is his latest single off his upcoming album titled Ambition  scheduled to drop 11-1-11 If your not in tune with the ambition movement get in tune stupid  Only4thereal approved

Tree - The Tree E.P.

Just heard this joint on and I already knew Tree went hard, but damn this shit tough, If you was sleep (Like I was) wake the fuck up!
1. whooo ft. dj nahara
2. summertime in chicago
3. real ass nigga
4. ridin round ft. nemesis
5. coldest winter
6. live at the atrium
7. pride ft. tone skeet
8. trouble 2011
9. here we go again
10. 50 bars (synagogue
11. love and fear

Download "The Tree E.P." Here
Real Ass Niggas
Check out this visual also Tree ft Tone Skeeta - P.R.I.D.E.
Keep in tune with Tree
Tree on Twitter
Tree on FB

Joka - P.O.H. {The Movie Video}

I hate the word dope to describe some shit. But if I was one of those type of dudes that is exactly how I would describe this video. "P.O.H." featured some really good music and a very interesting story. I think you all need to see this.
Stay in tune with Joka Joka on Twitter

Sasha Marie & Tifah - Cashflow

One of those tracks off FakeNeedNotApply 2 you probably slept on. Sasha Marie and Tifah jump on Ace Hood's "Hustle Hard" aye Don't sleep on this one!

Cash Flow

Beast The Skitzo & Domino Cash- N.W.A.

Skitzo grinding towards the release of "Body Bag Boyz" with this new single "NWA". This joint features Domino Cash and is produced by Urban Jones.  #DontSleep
Skitzo came with a special  message also

Pavy - "Hip Hop Is My Home" (Video)

Video for the 1st single off "The Book Of Pavy", download it here Directed by Thomas Price

EDF - Screw History (What Would Screw Do?) [Video]

Last year I told the world not to sleep on EDF. Finally a video for his smash single "Screw History" this shit is truly a work of art. #DontSleep
Stay in tune with EDF EDF on Twitter IamEDF EDF ON FB BandCamp

Trinity feat Que Billah & Voyce GI Go - Highway to Heaven

Trinity is still gearing up for that upcoming album "The City is Ours" and this time she bought Que Billah and Voyce GI Go along for the ride. Production was handled by Cylent Sounds. "The City is Ours" album will feature Trinity and at least one or more Chicago artist  on each track. Don't Sleep on Ms. Lady!
Highway to Heaven
Stay in Tune with Trinity Trinity on Twitter

Fuck Nigga Weekly: Larry Merchant and Reed Hastings

Larry Merchant. Everybody is afforded the freedom of speech. But I believe many people use that right as a freedom to hate. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (whether you love him or hate him) knocked Victor Ortiz the fuck out legally. Larry Merchant's job is not to throw his own OPINION into his work. Merchant continued asking Floyd questions pertaining to only what he wanted to know. No congratulatory gestures at all. Then he began to talk about what he would've done had Floyd approached him 50 years ago.
Larry Merchant you may be white, and this may be the first time someone has ever referred to you as a nigga. But Mr. Merchant you are a fuck nigga. It's ok to feel how you feel, but it's never ok to hate on another man after he was just victorious no matter how you feel. If I was Floyd I'd keep a goon around for every age range. Have a 80 year old goon at the next fight to beat dog shit out of Larry Merchant if the same situation arises.

Stop being a FuckNigga Larry

Words Can Be Powerful "The Auction Network" Shihan

Tupac To Real

Only4TheReal Salute to The Real | DGainz (Interview)

DGainz is one of City's hottest Artist/Directors/Producers. I guarantee somebody you know heard of DGainz. But nobody knows him. He finally steps from behind his camera and in front of ours for this exclusive interview. You need not to sleep on DGainz this nigga grinding! For all that are TRYING to work with this man, watch and learn you something! 
DGainz on Twitter  DGainz on FB

Floyd Mayweather Hard Work

Gotta respect the grind if you put hard work into anything eventually it will pay off master your craft

FakeNeedNotApply 2 is Here (Download ASAP!)

Day late no dollars short. FakeNeedNotApply 2 has finally arrived with much thanks to the entire team.       Unlike the first FakeNeedNotApply (No DJ, No Drops just Music). Shit sounding like an album!  Thank you to every artist that submitted music  (Even if it wasn't selected) its all love. Already gearing up for a   Halloween/November Release, lets work! Gave a couple bonus tracks, check it out!

Download Here


Download Here - Link 2

or Download every track one by one

Jim Jones - Haunted (feat. Sen City)

I didnt even know they had a video for dis Jimmy kilt dis shit da beat so crazy

50 Cent - Business of Fear

The streets and the corporate world are not that different

Words Can Be Powerful "Elementary" Javon Johnson

He killed this shit enjoy
"Might not just be the best just know I plan to be I refuse to let suckers win but that's just the man in me"

Something To Think About “Lucid Dreams”

For centuries dreams have been thought to hold messages, or even tell the future. Sometimes dreams can be scary or hard to understand, however what if they were controllable? Have you ever been aware that you are dreaming right in the middle of a dream? Have you ever been able to alter what actually happened in your dreams? If you answered yes to any one of these questions then you are a “Lucid Dreamer”. A lucid dreamer is able to become conscious while in the dream state, this means just as you are conscious of your surroundings in your everyday life you can also be equally as conscious in your dreams. Technically when your body is asleep/ resting, your mind is still fully awake spitting out all types of ideas, fears, and wants out of your subconscious into your dreams, in which can be controlled by simply controlling your mind. (Easier said than done I know.) Every human being lucid dreams, some people are more advanced than others however. The key to lucid dreaming is to become aw…

Words Can Be Powerful (Rafael Casal) First Week of A Break Up

If you listen to what he saying he going to hard

Wild Bunch Money Gang - Gil Scott Herron

WBMG release their first single off their '2011 Beatles' release. Gil Scott Herron is an ode to the late hip-hop pioneer and activist.They call this "RevolutionaryMusik" which means cultural unity, being yourself & acknowledging what YOU believe in. Hope you enjoy! 
Gil Scott Herron

50 Cent - Hustlers Ambition

Remember this? Remember real music?

Trae Tha Truth -- "Life" ft. Jadakiss (Official Video)

Trae Tha Truth -- Life (feat. Jadakiss) (Prod. by V-Don)
Off of the 2011 "Street King" Album

Words Can Be Powerful "Sick and Tired" Shihan

You sick and tired yet

(Video) PLA - Rap Talk (Prod. by MG Tha Kush)

U Dot Fam got it. PLA sent his latest video "Rap Talk" and this shit is hot. Shot an Chopped by Mateo Zappatta the visual matches how hard this track is. #DontSleep
Stay in tune with PLA PLA on Twitter UDotFam

Video: Lungz x Don Cannon x Sean Mac x Niena Drake "DreamKillaz" mixtape release party

Footage of what looked to be one helluva night last night at SkyBar. Lungz, Don Cannon, Sean Mac, Niena Drake and a fuck load of others, #DontSleep
Shoutout Writers Wednesday for the footage!

E-Money - "Go Harder" Produced by Doc Little

E-Money bussing MOVES! Seems like he got something new for the masses every week. Now Money has linked with Multi-Platinum producer Doc Little for his latest single "Go Harder". We all are witnesses to E-Money's relentless grind! #DontSleep

Go Harder 

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Doc Little on Twitter

HardBody Barz w/ Yung barz & Team Loud Pack (Plus Many More!)

Part 2 of Yung Barz performance at Cafe Lura. After the interview and performance, Barz and his team spit Bars like they couldn't run out of them. Only4TheReal shit, do yourself a favor and #DoNotSleep!

Words Can Be Powerful "The Definition of Love" Kristine Juntura

Nunu Bands ft. Boa Bands - I'm On One (We on Something)

This shit is HARD! NuNu Bands and Boa Bands link up for one of the best "I'm On One" remakes I've heard. Do not sleep on these young dudes. Their on they shit!
I'm on One (Remix)
Stay in tune with them Boa Bands on FB NuNu Bands on FB

Words Can Be Powerful "Dreams are Illegal in the Ghetto" Twin Poets

Lungz - "Dream Killaz" Hosted by DJ Don Cannon

Lungz drops his "Dream Killaz" mixtape, hosted By Don Cannon. He has a host of features that include Joe Buddens, Sir Michael Rocks and many more. #DontSleep
Download Dream Killaz

YP - #StillAwake (Directed by DJ Timbuck2)

YP drops the long awaited follow-up to No Sleep, #StillAwake. You already know YP showed his ass, but I don't think ya'll ready for everything he got in store for ya'll #DontSleep
Download Here

Spud - Passion (Official Video)

Spud on his "Space Between us Grind". New video, new project, stop sleeping on him!

Spud on Twitter

"Bands Up" Promo Video By J Dot Scarlett & Fame (U.F.B.)

J. Dot Scarlett will make sure you hear him on his latest single. "Bands Up" featuring Fame of U.F.B. is that shit! In case you didn't know, you will be able to hear this song also on #FakeNeedNotApply2 Rated Real next Monday!

J Dot Scarlett FB
J Dot Scarlett Twitter
Fame on Twitter

Words Can Be Powerful "Be Known" Common

That Chi-Town shit


Every since Wale was feature on that No Hands and linked up with Ross his fan base been growing and once this Ambition album drops I think he gone win that Grammy he been talking about #1 album

Yung Barz - Loud (Official Video)

Yung Barz finally drops that Loud video. You can check that smash single out on #FakeNeedNotApply2 Rated Real due out next month
Yung Barz -Twitter

YP - Who I Be (Clap) Directed by DGainz

YP on his #StillAwake grind. Finally a visual for his smash single "Who I Be" and he calls on none other than DGainz. That nigga Dgainz grinding like no other. #StillAwake is almost here!

YP Twitter
YP Facebook
DGainz Facebook 
DGainz Twitter

Rashid Hadee - THE DREAMER

Rashid Hadee - THE DREAMER *offical video* directed by Thaione Davis

Rashid Hadee
Hadee's 2nd Life Productions​rashidhadee

Words Can Be Powerful "Hell" Talib Kweli

Real shit of da day pay attention
"If we all made in gods image then his face is mine"

#FakeNeedNotApply2 Rated Real Preview!

Check it out here! The Official tracklisting of #FakeNeedNotApply2 is here along with the art. Shoutout MarcusXL for the art. Stop sleeping on the team! Thank you to all the people that support the Only4TheReal movement. Checkout this exclusive I have for the people. 
J.White - Went Away
MacusXL Twitter Tumblr

Lungz - "Get In Tune" featuring Mic Terror (prod. by Araab Muzik)

Another week. Another leak. Lungz drops "Get in Tune" days before "DreamKillaz" Hosted by Don Cannon is released. Featuring Mic Terror and Produced by Araab Muzik, Lungz is grinding
Get in Tune
Lungz - Twitter Mic Terror - Twitter
Checkout his mixtape release Party

Something To Think About - “Law Of Attraction”

Life is like a constant flow of potentiality. Possibilities are at your finger tips everyday awaiting your approval, your opinion, and/or decisions towards what the outcome should or can be; believe it or not but you create your own reality. Every second you live your mind is racing with ideas, and wants; you began to have a vision of how these ideas and wants will come to pass, you also began to think of how it would feel when you receive them, little do you know you are participating in the “Law Of Attraction” (i.e Law Of Vibration). Law of Attraction is a natural law of life; its one of those things that’s going to happen regardless of your personal opinion. Your mind is like a magnet that attracts whatever you constantly think about. Here’s a quick example: you have wanted a job, and so far it seems as though you’ll never find one. The first thing the average person is going to do is think about how it feels not having a job, and all of the disadvantages it caused them, which in r…

Real T@lk - The Bandwagon (Official Video)


Real T@lk is an extremely talented brother and this video is just what you would expect from him. Shot during Black Alumni Weekend at SIU, and directed by FILMBOI. Its always nice to see a video that showcases something so positive. It's only so long the world will sleep on this man.

Lil' Wayne - Everything

But the shit steady hurtin burn deep

LEP:Bogus Boys - Trading Places


Plies - Somebody Loves You Real Nigga Shit

Wale - "The Artistic Integrity"

Listen to his word play he killed dis from beginning to end

Wild Bunch Money Gang presents 2011 Beatles Mixtape

Wild Bunch Money Gang recently released their highly anticipated "2011 Beatles" mixtape. Sounds more like an album to me. WBMG worked they're asses off on this project and just one listen you'll hear it. Do Not Sleep on this guys. 
Download Here

Real T@lk - "The Endless Deadly Medley" LIVE in Milwaukee, WI

Real T@lk The Poet ripped the stage to shreds this night in Milwaukee WI.Watch as he spit line after line of incredible bars. Some you may recognize, but still this a very entertaining show. Do yourself a favor and don't sleep!

Words Can Be Powerful "Ghetto Rock" Mos Def

Common - Ghetto Dreams feat. Nas (Official Video)

We all get dreams just don't forget to chase em

Words Can Be Powerful "Lone Soldier" Black Ice

LB's #RealNiggaTips (9-7-11)

Lungz x DJ Don Cannon - "In It For The Ride" ft. Coriz #DreamKillaz @Lungz_Chi

Lungz grinding. On the heels of his Don Cannon hosted release he leaks "In it for the Ride" featuring Coriz. September 13th is right around the corner, Stop Sleeping on Lungz!
In it for the Ride

Nick Barz ft Soze - Love Don't Live Here Rozart Beats

This nigga Nick Barz is nothing to fuck with! Gearing up for his project due out soon, Barz dropped this off for ya'll to enjoy. This is a EXCLUSIVE Nick Barz featuring Soze "Love Don't Live Here Anymore". This beat and song is crazy and not to be slept on. This is the ONLY place you are going to hear this! 
Love Don't Live Here

Words Can Be Powerful "Truth Is" Black Ice

Sean Mac - #LuxuryTrapMusic

Sean Mac released his latest mixtape #LuxuryTrapMusic and this shit official. Plenty of the riding and partying music. #DontSleep
Download Here
(S/O for the put on! Jesse I see you) 

E-Money - "Rollin"

You probably recognize this song from all over the radio the last week or so. Now E-Money released his latest joint "Rollin". Shut your fuck hole and press play. This shit a banger!

The King Of Chicago: G.o.D. Jewels At SXSW (Part 1)

Checked this out on God Jewels personal site. God Jewels is one of the most slept on artist IMO. King of Chicago... We'll see. Check him out, tell us what you think.
G.o.D. Jewels and Horror Show Entertainment join forces to chronicle the SXSW experience like never before. Journey with Jewels as he navigates through Austin, Texas in an attempt to make a name for himself at one of the largest music festivals in the United States. The self-proclaimed King of Chicago covers everything from politics within the local Hip Hop scene, to his personal ideologies. Featuring the new tracks “Bitch I Swear To God” and “Farewell”.

Words Can Be Powerful "We Are Men" Black Ice, Poetri and Shihan

Throwback G-Unit Freestlye

The Unit had it from 03 to like 07

Young Jeezy (Feat. Freddie Gibbs) - Rough

Shoutout to Freddie Gibbs

Trinity- His & Hers (Video Live Performance)

Trinity and Sincerely Yours perform live at Sub T their track "His & Hers". Trinity is gearing up n\for her album release "The City is Ours"

Words Can Be Powerful "Guilty Celebrity" SpokenReasons

He don't just tell jokes

Tragedy tha Beast ft Kenlo Key & A-Way - Joe's Diner

Joe's Diner is something fresh Tha Intavention is cooking up. Joe Seriously Dope Is Not Enough Realtalk is the meaning behind Joe's Diner and with Tragedy Tha Beast, Kenlo Key & A-Way, the team is strong!
Joe's Diner

Lil B x CNN = Hilarious

Lil B is sweeping the nation! Disclaimer: I listen to Lil B STRICTLY for the comedy of it all. I believe he is really just trying to show how stupid people really are. Anyway, this is a funny ass clip CNN tweaked! (I think they already knew what was up.) Oh my Based God!

Bank Heist from Laugh At My Pain

Kevin Hart is da funniest nigga doin it right now hands down

Yung Barz live @ Cafe Lura (Performance & Interview)

Yung Barz invited the entire team out to see him last weekend.We go the footage to show the people, Barz puts on a pretty good show. Quick interview mixed in, and please believe #WeAreNotDone! Part 2 coming soon! #DontSleep

Shoutout the entire Monster Music Group & The Loud Pack niggaz!

Burner Squad feat. Beezy - Gettin' Money

Burner Squad feat. Beezy - Gettin' Money
Shot by DGainz

Words Can Be Powerful "2nd Quater" KRS One & Doug E Fresh

The Jets X W.B.C. Magazine (Issue #9) Download Now

Listen... We are constantly working to bring you a brand you can trust. Each issue we bring you has been better designed, and has had deeper content then before. This issue we worked hard to bring you a better design and an inside looking into some of music's biggest names. W.B.C. Magazine #9 features interviews and exclusive behind the scenes photos with the entire Jets crew; Curren$yFiend aka International JonesTrademark Da SkydiverYoung RoddyNesby PhelpsStreet Wiz, and, Mousa!We also talk to Atlanta's R&B sensation Hamilton Park and Chicago Rockers Mathien. Plus interviews and video with DGK Founder and Pro-Skateboarder Stevie WilliamsMusiq SoulChild,WaleWiz Khalifa, and Raekwon! Plus the beautiful Model Monique Marie and tons of Content! Download Below!!

Download Here

Bilal & R.O.E. live at Double Door Sunday Night!

Sunday September 4th, Bilal will be in town performing at a concert featuring Chicago's own R.O.E. Its all going down at Double Door, 1572 N Milwaukee. Tickets are 20$ in advance and 25$ at the door. Tickets can be bought online at
This is a 21+ event, Grown people only!

Red Button - Feelings Inside (Prod. by Mikey Spades)

This lil dude a spitter. But wht would you expect? Coming from Tha Intavention/DreamChaserz camp, this man is not to be slept on. Listen up!

Words Can Be Powerful "Oh Really" Eric Vaughn

2 Chainz - Spend It

2 Chainz