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P1's 2 Cent's: 10 Laundromat Tips

City living is one of those things you take it all in stride. One fact of city life is the need to go wash clothes at the laundrymat if you are in an apartment that has no washer or dryer. That is my story. Living like a Bachelor with no washer and dryer at home I frequent the Laundrymat. In doing this I have come to learn a few things. Now Im here to share a few things Ive learned with you. So lets stay So Fresh And Clean yall! 

This just my 2Cents.

10 Laundromat Tips

Tip#1 -- First things first to make your experience the best it can be go to a Laundrymat that has the machines that takes quarters. Not the tokens/cards. (This is not Chucky Cheese/ a Link affair)...f*ck them cards cuz u can't get yo money back! Besides I use my leftover quarters to buy a 22oz Bud Ice and a bag of chips after I wash. *toast to clean clothes*

Tip#2 -- Bring large currency denominations
The Laundrymat is Not a strip club. U not tippin the attendants...although a strip Laundromat might be hot! (Haha don't steal my idea)
U don't wanna be the one standin there puttin dollar after dollar after dollar in the change machine holdin up the line...u still gonna have to go back to get mo money to dry, so get it all at once. (break that $20 u been tryin to hold on to)

Tip#3 -- Go to The laundrymat where u can dry free!! dUH the wash will cost more, BUT u can be patient with your dryer and use it all u want POW (10 mins at a time tho its annoying but its FREE *shrug*)

Tip#4 -- Now we get technical: Dry with lower heat for more time...the laundrymat dryers can burn the devil's hand and they will shrink ur shit...i mean shirt..and if u followed the last tip this shouldn't be a problem right? Yeahhh

Tip#5 -- Fold yo clothes b4 u leave the laundrymat...u not gonna wanna do it when u get home and if u put them back in the laundry bag or hamper that u brought the clothes u have no place to put your new set of recently dirtied clothes...I don't know maybe it's just me but fold that ish!! (do as I say & not as I do)

Tip#6 -- 24 hour laundrymats are best after dark, preferably during club hours...u can take up like 10 machines at a time and get done quick...However if u are single and looking for a woman that u know is at least partially clean and responsible, come during the day/early evening. but don't bring a bunch of dirty clothes maybe just a few t shirts. “Accidentally” bump the lady of your eye with the rollin me fellas ;-)

Tip#7 -- Wash your dark/black clothes with Woolite Dark ONLY! Keep em black. Cold water inside out on tshirts if u bougie. otherwise warm water works fine...(BTW buy black socks and drawers and in the words of Drake y'all can thank me later <-- *click to hear my fav song off that album*,.

Tip#8 -- Don't put your money in the machine before u put the clothes in! Accidents happen and u might fock around and lose 2 dollars washing the inside of the washer...DON'T ASK.

Tip#9 -- Don't wash sh*t that say dry clean only...and don't bleach sh*t that say DO NOT Bleach. (2-for-1)

Last but not least!
Tip#10 -- If you can afford it DRY CLEAN ya rhymes so remember it like that. now say it 2 more times to yourself real quik...if u can't dry clean ya jeans DO NOT wash your jeans in the front load washer. put em on delicate in the old school top load joint...turn em inside out...cold water. (Unless they work clothes and those u just throw in one big @$$ load anyway) keep light and dark jeans separate costly but worth it.

Anything I missed or if u wish to add your own tip add a comment or email it to me at 

Or on FB Search Phenomenal1

@P1_rap on Twitter
Happy Washing…and I wish u the best everytime u visit the Laundrymat
Oh yeah #Tip 11. I almost forgot bring u a iPod or some music cuz waiting on the dryer on low heat take a while...(don't let em tempt u with the hell fire heat tho wait it out) listen to your fav P1 jams and remember these tips --> P1 Jams for download @


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