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Focus: Wrecked Linings

I always thought a Lining was the make or break point of a haircut. My obsession with hair linings goes back as far as I can remember. The one lining I truly admired was Steve Harvey's. My friends and I argued if his lining was real or a hair piece. Whether or not it was real is still debatable but his lining was symbolic. Tuning into older television & movies, I always notice the lack of a proper lining, it just never seems to matter too much to them. The era of "Wrecked Linings" has returned. We need to work together on this issue. Notifying our brothers, fathers, uncles, sons that the current structure of their lining is unacceptable, and that they should probably be best suited with a baldy. Here now I will present to you two observations I had this weekend. Two brothers, two wrecked linings.

Frank Thomas had the first Wrecked lining I saw this weekend. Watching some old Baseball show on EspnClassic I noticed how my dudes High top fade was lil off. Upon further investigation I uncovered this wrecked ass lining and had to get a picture. Frank later beat his disease by taking the prescribed medication. A Baldy
Wrecked Linings part deux leads us to my Dude Bone Tone. Tone wanted something for free. He got more than he bargained for. While Tone ultimately got what he was looking for, he lost atleast 4 to 6 inches off his lining in the process/ Hopefully he will be able to recover from his illness. Tone shouldn't have to be forced into the Baldy club unwillingly. smh

Wrecked linings must be dealt with. The feelings you try to save by not telling your people their lining is un-salvageable, also puts them in danger for ridicule not to mention just a FUCKED UP ASS HAIRCUT! 

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