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Top 10 Chicago Projects 2K15 #6 Dez Lanky (@DezLansky) - #BBC

To end the year at we have compiled a list of personal favorite projects of 2015. There is very little influence on this list besides the fact the music moved either Bundy or Jay and they personally enjoyed it. No clout, no phone calls or emails or other outside sources influenced this list, we hope you take our advice and checkout each and every artist we showcase on this list. With that being written, enjoy and tell a friend to tell a friend. If you know us personally, its nothing personal. Come harder in the 2K16

Dez Lansky pulled in the number 6 slot on the list with "BBC Bitches Bread Ciroc" the album. Dez Lansky is one of those artist you will either love or hate, no in between, If "BBC" was your introduction to Brother Lansky 9 times outta 10, you have to be feeling him. Bold, Brash, Arrogant, Focused and Driven are just some of the opinions Bundy came away from the album with. Dez can turn your party up, have you reflect on life and the people around you, love and hate your lady all on this one project. Lansky is multi dimensional with his approach and as he continues to work his craft, the people who find out about him along the way will really appreciate seeing this growth right before their eyes.

Best of the best:  01. Living, 02. Just Ain't Anybody, 04. She Ready, 06. That's my Future, 07. Different, 08. Been That Nigga, 11. All Star, 14. Y U On That, 16. Cuz of us



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