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What you know bout TakeDown Tactics?

In the photo above, this old head demonstrates the end result to a TakeDown Tactic.

 A TakeDown tactic is a move or a series of moves used to "TakeDown" your prey. 
A takedown tactic is not "game" ran on a female, its no physical assertion against the "prey". It is an event or series of events that occur before sex.

Incorrect way to use Takedown  tactics

"She wan't trying 2 come off that pussy, had 2 use a Takedown tactic."

(If you used force, or pressed the issue too much, you may need to consult an attorney, not

Correct way

"She was trying to kiss on me, I dodged her, bent her over, killed her"

(You have successfully executed a TakeDown tactic)

We all fuck, some of us make love. Not just anybody can use TakeDown tactics. Consult you nearest Real nigga 4 details.

(TakeDown Tactics will be updated bi-monthly, stay tuned!) 


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