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Focus: The Real BedRock

For those who live under a rock or just not into Rap these days, Young Money has a song entitled, BedRock. Their version of the song is not the original.

A couple of moths ago when I first heard Young Money's version of the song, a friend of mine informed me that the idea for the song wasn't original and had in fact be stolen from his Uncle who had released the track some years back. The original was created by a man named Charlie Live an artist from Chicago who was singed to Bad Boy earlier in the decade but was released because he got incarcerated. While the lyrics to the original have been changed the concept and Melody remain the same. In fact my friend told me the only reason they haven't pursued legal action is because Charlie Live stopped copyrighting his material a few years ago and Bed-Rock is one of the songs he didn't Copyright. For what it is worth I believe him. The songs are too similar and suprisingly Charlie Live's version is a whole lot better. I bring you his version so you can enjoy something Real, & salute this brother because Honestly, Young Money fucked that song up.....


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