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Focus: Real T@lk - Mo Better Mixtape

If you never heard of Real T@lk, be ashamed. (I was at first but I don't like living in the past.) He's an artist hailing from Peoria, now repping Chicago-land by way of Maywood, he shot his mixtape over and before I blessed you with it I had to see what it was about. Lyrically this man is insane, he gives off a Kweli, Mos Def feel. Truthfully he sounds more poet than rapper. Anyway he is just what we look for over here at O4R. Good, Real Music. Download The Mo Better Mixtape by clicking on the Mixtape Cover at the bottom of the Page. Hit him up at one of these variety of links and tell the brother if you feeling him or not.

Also Gotta message from Real T@lk..

  I came up with the title and album art based off of the Spike Lee Joint "MoBetter Blues"(If you've not seen it, go see it! I'm a big Spike fan, he's a great artist.) In a scene of the movie "Bleek Gilliam"(Denzel Washington) is with his lady "Clark Bentancourt" and she tells him to say something and he says "Let's Make Love." she tells him that that statement is invalid because they're not officially together. He suggests that they do the "MoBetter" (referring to sex/love making) and i translated this to my artistic ability and music intertwining and thus making "The Mo Better Mixtape" Furthermore those that have heard it, can't place a name on the quality so you can simply call it "MoBetter" than what you've previously heard.

Here's a few songs.(Click title for Download)
Real T@lk - Mo Better Music


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