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Whats the Best Chicago anthem?

Illi Dalton

While riding the train I came to a realization. Months ago while in search of something new to listen to, I stopped listening to a lot of mainstream artist (with an exception of a few) and started listening to more Chicago underground Artist. Naturally all artist love to rep where they come from and Chicago is no different. Since this morning I've been unable to stop listening to all the music I recently added to my new Mp3 player but the ones about Chicago stick out the most.

A few weeks ago I was @ my dude home and like always we politic bullshit talk money, music, women and Just-pay said "No Chicago song is F*cking with Crown of he Midwest". At the time we argued for a nice minute about our difference in opinion. I now give you the chance to prove me right or wrong. Crown of the Midwest is classic but their are some true gems to choose from.

 I'll give you three Selections and you make your own decision.

JustPay - Crown of The Midwest

The Boy Illinois ft GoD Jewels - Chicago WhiteSox

Esohel ft Hazel - City My Luv

Check all three out because all three are COLD! But there is only 1 National Anthem and only 1 Chicago Anthem.

Ps Im talking about an updated anthem. The TRUE Chi-Town anthem is Common - Nuttin to Do'.


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