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O4R Focus: A Guide to Recognizing Saints.

Today I'm going to Focus on probably one of the best movies I have seen in recent memory. A Guide to Recognizing Saints stars A bunch of veteran actors, Shia Labeouf, Rosario Dawson, Robert Downey Jr, Chazz Palminteri, Dianne Wiest, Channing Tatum. It is a story about a boy Named Dito and his dream of leaving of Queens, and his friends and parents who are split between his decision. While the movie is too often non-climatic it is very dramatic and very well performed. The way Dito's life is depicted in this movie is amazing and is driving me to want to read his book. I found it in my Local RedBox, but any way you can get it grab it. Worth it all the way, I'm always putting niggaz on!

The Real Report: Valentine's Day

Admittedly I have never been big on Valentine's day. This year was really nothing different, but it was at the same time. I watched my niggaz get suited and booted for their night's out and while I was also planning a "Romantic Evening" (pun intended), Kitty and I came to a conclusion, that we live together, sleep together WTF is so Special about today? Even though she was lobbying for a HUGE valentine's day celebration she had cooled on the idea.

(She wasn't happy to receive the Dollar store gifts I gave to every woman special to me, I had videos but the camera broke.)

We instead passed by all the Restaurants, Bowling Alleys and Theaters filled with lovers and spent a quiet evening at Tar'get. Tar'get is a upscale retail store If u ain't getting it try Walmart. Instead of pouting and bitching about the lack of special gift she just wanted to go to Target. I heard from everybody about their great night's out, "it was cracking and blah b…

Joe Louis - First to Break Color Barrier.

If your are looking for good Black History Programming, fuck with the HBO. The other night I saw a very interesting and educational documentary about Joe Louis. I'll admit I heard of Joe Louis but never knew the REAL STORY.

The documentary features commentary From Joe Louis' son and a host of others. While I found it to be more than just entertaining, I couldn't shake this feeling of Hate for the US government. Not only did they force him to pay taxes on money he spent to entertain the Troops. They Fucked him again when the government needed Head of GM They Overlooked the American War Hero Louis for A person with Ties to Nazi party. But the whole Documentary wasn't as depressing as I make it sound, It was also eye opening. No disrespect to Jackie Robinson but there were charges made in this documentary that can't go unnoticed. Claims were made that Mr. Louis was the first to break the Color Barrier in Major Sports. He petitioned The PGA to force them to let him qua…

Never been afraid 2 say it......... I'm Black!

Black History month, is my favorite time of year. So what they give us the shortest possible month and we only get a month be glad for what we got. Black President during my favorite time of year couldn't be any better. I always enjoyed this time of year because I love learning new things about my people. Whether it's history or someone in pursuit, Black History month is a spot we can kick, A spot that we belong that's just for us! No seriously though, this month is serious business and everybody who is black and proud should celebrate this month like you would the Super Bowl, All Star Games etc. To show my appreciation for the greatest time of year here you go, my official "I Love being Black" Song, Styles P I'm black. I used to listen to this every morning my Senior Year in high school before I hit the door. I hope everyone enjoys this!

I'm Black - Styles P