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Reality Check!

In this installment of Reality Check, Im going to do it for the ladies. U ever really wondered if your man means the words he says to you? I love u, I don't see me with nobody else, Ect. We'll here goes a few translations of what your guy may really mean. (Remember don't share this information with just anyone! It's Only4TheReal.)

I Love it = Like it A Lot,
When I say I miss u = I ain't hit in a while,
I'll Take U shopping = I'll drive U 2 da mall
Damn U got sexy lips = Bet she ______.

We don't sell it, and never tell it, tune in and I'll keep hitting you with this great knowledge.

By the way, Thank 50!

Liar Liar (2oo8) - 50 Cent

Reality Check!

Talk is Cheap, Anybody can afford it.

Saw this at a random website. So true and especially when pertaining to people with color. Truthfully everyone is victim of talking too much shit and never accomplishing the goal they set out for. Let's cut the bullshit chatter to a minimum. For today your Reality has been checked.

Crime and Punshment, How to Decide?

All my life consequences have been the first thing I think about before taking action. I've made countless decisions in retrospect I believe were reckless, but never once was I afraid of the consequences. As I get older I see peers and Enemies alike who never dealt with the consequences of their actions. Friends of mine who are incarcerated or dead I wish I would've posed this consequences question to them. About a week or two ago I was Jitterbug Kicking it with Ayo, when he asked about my Friends Wyte release date. I told him, and added that "His release is too soon". If you don't know Wyte, he is more like family and I know how most feel about an incarcerated family member. Freedom is a privilege, and should be restricted to those who can handle it. Without putting his business in the street(internet) Wyte has been incarcerated on and off for most of the past four years. After his latest debt to society is finished he would've have served a little less than…

Reality Check!

Don't be a waste of time, be important.

This statement is a quote from Lloyd Banks song "Truth Hurts". In reality somebody out there is waste of time, and should take heed to this man advice. Stay tuned, Reality will be checked damn near everyday. Also this is the best Lloyd Banks song

in about 2 years. Available @

Truth Hurts - Lloyd Banks

TMZ = TMI Americans Media Overdose

The internet is the biggest movement moving. Everybody has a say so on the internet, and that isn't all bad. But there is no code of Ethics on the internet. An invasion of privacy is something no one wants to be victim to, but will enjoy seeing it done to others. No one is safe from this epidemic either, Celebrities deal with TMZ, Mediatakeout etc. and Regular everyday people are victim of the cell-phone camera and are sometimes immortalized in a youtube video. So in plain English, a Celebrity can't have a moment of total stupidity. They will live to regret it. A regular dude can't get into an altercation and lose without the stigma of someone taping it and uploading it to the internet. Remember losing a fight and being able to spin it any way you wanted because only 3 people saw it? No longer. We need to find a way to slow down this information age before every misstep in anybody's life becomes cause for public ridicule.

Always sticking that gotdamn camera in peoples f…

R.I.P. Pierre "Diddy" Ambrose

Friday March 6th, 2009 a twenty-five year old Black male was gunned down by Chicago Police on 67th and Cornell. Let's not factor in affiliations, past records, or gun possession a man was killed innocently. If you follow the news, The police are calling this new strategy of policing "fighting fire with w/ Fire". Granted the man was armed, but countless witness accounts specify he had unarmed himself by dropping the weapon. So with that bit of information, doesn't the whole scenario change? An unarmed Twenty-Five year old man was shot and killed by Chicago Police Friday March 6th 2009. No outrage? Imagine that man being a father to someone, a provider, a son, an uncle..... Or lets forget all the above and just remember that was a MAN. Not black or White, but a man. Do you feel any sympathy? Not just for his family but for every young black male that has, and will have to endure the ruthlessness and uncouthness of Police today. These things are not imagined, it is a co…