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Fam U Trippin. Hard!

Uber loser of the Decade, goes to this clown. Somebody posted this shit on Twitter and from their this man will become recipient of the World's Greatest Failure. My dude tell your pastor, discuss this privately with your fam, but please don't sing a melody on the internet about losing. My nigga, U Trippin. HARD!
Get Ur mouth away from my D*ck. (Clown)

Focus: Black Girl Lost

Black Girl Lost - Nas

Black Girl Lost is a song by Nas and Jojo (From Kci & Jojo & Jodeci fame). The Original was released on Nas' second album "It Was Written" and never really thought of when they discuss his growing catalog. Nas in the song is describing the everyday battle of a woman trying to survive in a male dominated world. He depicts the actions she must take to get "the finer things in life", she struggles with finding a good job, a good man, and adequate living for her kid. The ideas expressed in this song are still relevant more than a decade later. This song in my opinion, can be used as learning tool for young women today.

In 2005 DJ Dirty Harry made a living legends mixtape in Honor of Nas. On this mixtape this version of Black Girl Lost appeared and a classic was in order. Featuring Papoose, and using the same Nas verses. Papoose delivers some more than memorable m…

Salute 2 The Real: Demarco Castle Formerly Gemstones

For those who don't know, Gemstones was a Rapper affiliated with Lupe Fiasco and FNF. He also was one of the more talented emcees to come out of the City of Chicago in the Earlier part of this decade. Not so recently Gemstones had an interview with an O4R affiliate Abi O on Depaul Radios 4.0 show and revealed that most of the things in his lyrics he never lived. Instead of trying to explain why he simply said, "I'm an Artist, and that is what artist do." Not until recently did I ever watch the video, and I realized that though he didn't live everything he said the man wasn't fake. He gave an artistic impression on street life. He also stated in the interview how he has children and the effects that negative lyrics have on Children and Adults alike.

After the interview Gemstones career took a very unexpected turn. He no longer uses the GEMSTONES moniker, instead he goes by his Government Demarco Castle. And he still spits amazing, but no longer in a derogatory…

Exposed: Charles Hamilton

Ain't much to be said. He got exposed, no domestic, I wouldn't have went all the way in on the chick, but damn. She would've at the very least got put in a Nelson, Muffed, Open hand smacked. That type of shit get T-Shirts made. U feel me?

Salute 2 The Real: Malice of The Clipse

Only4TheReal salutes a real dude Malice of The Clipse. His Vlog should be the standard for any Real DUDE who chooses to showcases his life via the internet. Malice shows the world the family man, the hustler and the man all in these short installments. It's like watching a 2K, Rapping Bill Cosby, looking out for his shorties, kick knowledge, and dispel stereotypes. People like Malice and their positivity are overshadowed by VH1 Reality type and don't appeal to the masses because it isn't outrageous enough. That is why you need to Fux With Only4TheReal, because only the real will be saluted. Malice=Real N*gga.

Clipse X Kanye - Kinda Like A Big Deal Behind The Scenes from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Malice Video Blog 3 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Malice Video Blog 2 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Malice Video Blog 1 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Check for his book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked, and show some support for something REAL! Updates Av…

Who Murked it? Dead Presidents Special

How many times have you listened to a song and heard the beat somewhere else? When you found out who's song it was, did u compare the difference? You Probably didn't. I present to you Who Murked it? I will give you a number of different songs, but with the same beat, you be the judge as to which one is best.

Today's beat up for discussion is Dead Presidents. Originally Jigga's beat off Reasonable Doubt, countless emcees have used (Some abused) this beat. Only a handful of artist can lay claim that they have killed it, but who murked it? Who outshined everybody (Exception Jay-Z)? I will give you a few choices and You decide.

Uncle LL Cool J - (While honestly I can't remember anything word for word, he had his moments while covering this beat. Sorry L U did not Murk it) My Opinion.

NOE (This Member of The Byrd-Gang to me Murked it. Not because he sound so close to Jay but his lyrical Prowess on this track is unmatched on ANY MIXTAPE I ever heard. No Joke. "Im sick …

Fam U Trippin. Hard!

It is a great season to be a NBA fan, the Playoffs.MVP Lebron James and his Cavaliers just devoured the Hawks, Ron Artest is pushing his Rockets team to beat Kobe Bryant's Lakers, The Defending Champion Celtics are battling with the Magic for the right to go to the Western Conference Finals and Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups are running through the Mavericks (Minus Refs Bad Call). But with All this great action we still are mired with some sort of controversy. Billionaire Clown Mark Cuban upset at THE REFS blown call, pointed and defamed Kenyon Martin to his own mother. Anyway you dress it up, direct it, produce it, chop or screw it, this dude is out of line. Chris Webber said it best last night during the Pregame "It couldn't have been my mama!". And Mr. Webber speaks the truth for most of Black America. I will not say JUST BECAUSE MR. CUBAN IS WHITE IT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. That is not the only reason, any creature, any color says anything disrespectful ab…

What's a BDR?

BDR (BAD DICK REPORT) - When a man has sexual contact with a woman and it is determined that the sex was weak. A BDR is first issued through the females friends then spread through the hood like a 3 for 10. Any man can become victim of BDR, but only the real avoid them. Expose... I mean share a story of yourself or some one you know that has recieved such a notification.

Damn that's some REAL TALK!

You Can't Buy Swag!

In the world of today swag is everything! But before you had swag what did you call it? Style, for those who had none before 2008. I'm waiting ever so patiently for the death of swag, so people can regain some form of sense of self. It seems the more outlandish the color or the tighter the clothing THE MORE SWAG U HAVE. Every song the artist must declare he has swag out this world, and in every diss record lack of Swag is a 'serious' accusation. Originality outweighs swag any day. Don't be a dickrider because it is what you think the masses want to see. Truthfully I see people every day down with the swag movement, and I question myself, is this a stunt? Do you buy the most outlandish clothing in the store to prove a point? I'm not knocking it because you like it, I'm knocking because I don't. Trends come and go, but men, specifically black men, ask yourselves this, When you look back years from now and see pictures of yourself in the smallest pair of pants…