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Damn, That's some Real Talk.....

If you don't use the computer for everything it's good for, you are losing. I'm always looking for something funny, or educational to read or watch. Youtube is crazy with content and we all should really take advantage of all the great stuff they have on there. One of the funniest things I have seen is the Parody of Rick Ross done by WickLow entertainment. This dude is wild! He goes EVERYWHERE dressed like a Correctional Officer version of the Florida rapper. You judge for yourself, but tell them how you like their stuff @

Real Talk: Ron Artest - Michael Michael

Honestly I think Ron Artest is one of the most intriguing people in the world. I don't care much for his music but he tries, and on a basketball court not many more have the will and determination of Artest. So this afternoon I'm Twitter surfing and my dude Jolla posted his Dedication to MJ.
I wasn't expecting a life altering song, but I didn't expect what I got. This is a real dedication so In all honesty I feel where he is coming from.

But as the asshole I am, I find this hilarious. Artest fucked this song ALL THE WAY UP. It has genuine emotion but not enough talent. For sure it will evoke some type of emotion, so I advise you to atleast check it out. I'm not knocking Artest, because he made an effort but if this the first wave of the storm of MJ dedications, we are in for a long ride......

Good looking Jolla