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Damn Thats Some REAL TALK! (Slugging)

New lesson for the Followers and Guest of the Realist site in the Universe, Slugging. Now, For you educated UN-Educated this is not a Baseball statistic and it damn sure is not a game! Seriously, slugging is the Ass of a woman that is unbeliveable, and looks as if its follows instead of being attached to the woman.

#Music Monday......

I've come across too much good music lately. You see most in the "Official if it's posted" section, but for you first timers, Here is some Chicago Heat!

Focus: Understanding the Obama Healthcare plan

Admit it if you don't understand anything about the health-care plan? (Drake voice) It's OK, It's OK, It's OK. We are going to understand it fully, together. For those who refuse to use the computer for anything other than a Facebook, Myspace etc. we are going to get it at the same time. I see this issue discussed EVERYWHERE! This is a topic that can and will really affect our better tomorrow, and before anything is decided, we all owe it to ourselves to understand this to the best of our knowledge. The reporters on various stations portray this as a Race issue, but it's an American issue. We all need to be informed, and I will update this topic everytime something new happens. Don't let race determine how you feel on a situation, educate yourself and make an informed decision.

Real Talk: Thank You Mr. Hendry....

I was enjoying my sunday, watching the various games available. While reading th famous Bottom-line of ESPN I read the greatest news I've read all season about The Cubs. They suspended the biggest waste of 10 million AMERICAN Dollars, ever aka Milton Bradley for the REMAINDER OF THE SEASON! Too little, too late? Maybe. Or, inspiration for next season. Maybe they can pull a magical Jackie Moon style trade (Ed Monix for the Washer). Please Mr. Hendry never make us suffer another summer like this AGAIN! #RealTalk

R.I.P Young N*gga.....,

No matter how much you try no to think about it, you are going to lose the one's you love. You try to make it through the day without thinking about it but deep down that is a reality we all must face.

A man who helped me grow and was more like family than friend recently was a victim of a homicide. DK, was like no person I have ever met or probably ever meet again. I remember his speeches to me and my friends about staying real, and always keeping your honor. He also taught me much more Real shit that can't be discussed on a website (or anywhere but in person. I don't know YOU!) I hope wherever you are, DO IT UP LIKE A KING! R.I.P. DK A REAL NIGGA .