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P1's 2 Cent - Loyalty F-J

In continuing our series on the ABC's of loyalty I want to move on through the letters F-J.  If you havent read the first part please do that now before you continue. Read and add y

F- faith In order to be loyal to a person or cause you have to be faithful.  Faith is a transendence of belief into a very concrete thing. faith is belief on steriods, in that it makes it factual.  When you have faith you KNOW what you believe to be true despite any circumstances telling you the opposite.  This is essential to loyalty because in any person, or cause there are circumstances that  may waver belief but faith takes it to the next step and allows you to endure and be loyal during these instances.

Grit- Grit is one of those traits that people show in different ways.  There is a cause for everyone that shows their resilience. Grit is where your resilience meets your beliefs and faith.  It is when you grind it out for what you believe in despite the personal sacrifices or pain that you may have to endure to remain loyal to your cause.  Grit is an internal determination that is not swayed by any outside forces. Outside forces include persuaison otherwise, disillusion, or any other forces that may otherwise test your loyalty. If you have grit you can overcome those obstacles that may otherwise sway you. 

H- Hope Hope may seem cliche but it is an essential part of the human condition and disposition.  Without hope people would have no ambition and would therefore not be people aspiring to anything better.  Loyalty and ambition go hand in hand.  In order for anyone person or idea to advance it needs support in the form of loyalist which can include consumers, employees, etc.  Therefore it is important that hope is an essential part of loyalty.  It is the hope for better, no matter what that better may be relative to the cause, that keeps people loyal and provides meaning for the loyalty.

I-  Intensity. Intensity is important to loyalty because there is no such thing as halfway loyal.  Either you are loyal, faithful, and focused or you're not.  Intensity is important because it is how leaders are measured and how leaders measure their following.  You're intensity is directly tied to how far you are willing to go for the person or cause that you are loyal to.  Without a certain level of intensity there is no loyalty.  So you must be intese and willing to go that extra mile for the person or cause that you are loyal to. 

J- Joy This was one of the hardest letters to define because initially i wanted to say justice but there are many causes that people are loyal to that are not necessarily just. Nor do i advocated justice being a prerequisite for loyalty so i say joy. You must find a certain joy and inner happiness at the cause that you are loyal to.  You cannot be loyal to a cause or person that does not have meaning for you or that you believe will not ultimately bring about conditions that you would be content with.  Joy and happiness fuels enthusiam and all of the by products that are required to keep loyalty strong and faithful.  So the  person, idea or cause, which you are loyal to must produce a certain joy within you to keep you going.


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