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What You On?? E-Money (Speak Now!)

If you fux with the you know we keep it 200%. Introduce to you E-Money a Chicago artist with a decent amount of material under his belt. He sent his two tracks "Let's get Dirty" & "Work". He also accompanied them with a few of his very impressive youtube videos. Now, i'm not saying he huff, wack, lame none of those. I just don't feel his music.

Only4TheReal is bigger than me, so I won't let my opinion get in the way of what others may consider "good music." I'll give the people the choice of decide whether your feeling E-Money or not! Comments speak louder than anything, so if you feeling him speak up! 


Now one thing I do like is his videos! Salute!

Let him know how you feeling him!


  1. Lets get it got crazy punchlines, like his voice, "work" song I really like could be my theme music he nice!!

  2. I think he's very talented he's music and lyrics r good and he has a nice voice too. I would like to hear his music on the radio and see him go further in his music career and he does great performances as well


  4. Yeah E-Money all day go hard..give 'em a beat he gonna murder it. PERIOD. AND THATS WHAT IT IS CHICAGO!!!!


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