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The homey Corey Cause sent this through. All I can tell you is DO NOT SLEEP! Everybody need to tear in Cause ass, this nigga is super talented. But the streets ain't getting enough from him! We need more Corey Cause! He is pushing for for a spring release on VSONPAPER "Millionaire Assholes Mixtape"
it'll be 3 solo mixtapes from YOUNG PRO, SPOKESPERSON and Corey Cause
along with Millionaire Assholes...

He sent two tracks over, the first is

 VSONPAPER Intro- Cause, Spokes, Pro (produced by Scrilla)

And this other one on point too. Give me that Devin the Dude feel.

VSONPAPER -Zone wit me- Pro,Cause, Spokes (produced by Charli brown)

Don't sleep! A lot more Cause is COMING!