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The last day of Black History Month 2011 and let it past without even acknowledgement of this very significant time of year. Not because I don't care, i'm proud of Black History and take pride and joy upon learning any new information on the subject. 

In addition to learning and reporting new information you've learned about Blacks during Black History Month, we all as a race should make a resolution. Just like every year when the calender turns over, we should make a pledge just not for a month, but for however long it takes to correct the problem. 
Black people as whole need to stop being petty. You might say, "Everybody Petty" but not as petty as black person. We focus too much time on the next persons business criticizing and critiquing the next and our shit isn't in order. We need to start engaging our kids and young adults into other area's than just sports and music. Teach our young generations some culture. Because we are far to petty. We need to teach the one's around us that don't know, that a conversation is bigger than the next persons business and start focusing on changing things for the better as a whole. pledges to fight "Pettyness" head on and lead by example. 

Stop flexing, being petty


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