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Fatzmack | Only4TheReal "Salute to the Real" [Interview]

Drill City CEO Fatzmack recently caught up with Only4TheReal, live from Drill City. He discussed everything thats been going on with him and his team and candidly about his thoughts on the genre "Drill Music". Can;t give you the whole game! Watch this hot ass interview and enjoy the rest of your Independence day but



  1. hell yea he weak azz hell..n da nigga dnt b drillin shit da nigga dnt even cum on da block, only time da nigga cum out iz to shoot a video, so bascily he us da block ta make his videos look da fuk u gone call yoself da drill king n u aint drillin from drill city n im on da block everyday n i only see dis nigga maybe 2 3 times a month...dis nigga dukin da drill...s/h pokaface them niggas da real drill kings...

  2. Stfu yall jus mad cuz folks wit King Louie n he finna make noise!

  3. Dont matta he still gon get on

  4. S/O to @FatzmackCEO & @PokaFace079 Drill City Up Next!!!!!

    1. Fatzmack the Drill King he started Drill Musiq now he sign with Lawlessinc-MUBU GANG people hating but he getting on even King Louie get him in his bio on Twitter and he sign.

  5. this lil vic and all you hating ass niggaz hating on drill city talking bout you from drill city you niggaz some bitches say who you is before you speak on somethin any way it go if its fatzmack or pokaface drill city gettin on DCF Crazy!!!!!!!!


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